Open source Three.js framework for JavaScript augmented reality libraries
Jun 2013
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This is a framework for handling JavaScript augmented reality (AR) libraries in Three.js.


  • Automatic loading of models when the associated markers are detected (association is specified in a JSON file). Currently supported model formats: .obj, .js and binary .js.
  • Fixing of the world origin to a specified main marker, with the camera and other markers positioned around this origin for lighting/shadows to work properly in the 3D scene
  • Automatic compensation for coordinate system differences between the different AR libraries and Three.js (which might otherwise lead to flipping and offsetted orientations of loaded models)
  • GUI marker system which allows users to control settings using AR markers
  • Expandable to fit other JavaScript AR libraries in the future

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Integrated AR Libraries

  • JSARToolKit
  • js-aruco

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1) Tracking Three.js Scene

[Live Demo]

  • Tracking of a Three.js 3D scene to prevent webcam problems such as motion blur and lens distortion (for testing purposes)
  • Loading of models when associated markers are detected


2) Interactive HTML5 Augmented Reality Flood Simulation

[Live Demo]

  • Tracking of webcam video stream
  • Using GUI markers system to control user settings with AR markers
  • Loading of models when associated markers are detected
  • Usage of main marker to define origin

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Source Codes

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The source codes for this project can be found in GitHub:

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Please refer to the docs for the full API. There are some short usage examples as well.

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Browser Support

Tested only in Google Chrome (recommended) and Mozilla FireFox

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Released under GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
Copyright (c) 2013 Skeel Lee

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