Neural network used to show how decision making of computer agents can be learnt from sample data
Oct 2006
Neural Networks
Training Neural Networks
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A neural network was used in this demo to show how decision making of computer agents can be learnt with sample data.

First, the sampling of data has to be done. The user will control the behaviour of an enemy robot, while the supposed player robot is controlled by the computer. When the supposed player robot moves around and attacks, your intelligent response as the “enemy robot” will be sampled by the A.I. system and fed into the neural network for training.

Once the sampling is done, the actual game is executed. The enemy robots will react according to the attacks of the player. The quality of their reactions is based on the quality of the training data. I did manage to get quite a good training data.

Below is a video that shows the actual game in action, after training.

Video showing how the enemy robots react to the player’s actions using neural networks only. No if-statements are used.

Notice these things about the trained robots in the video:

  1. They approach me when I’m near and stop to attack when they are in shooting distance. They approach me again when I back away.
  2. Once their HP is low, they know that they should flee instead of trying to attack again.
  3. Although they have started to flee, they try to attack me again when I’m not facing them. Once I point the cursor at them, they know that they should flee, even though I haven’t even started shooting. This implies that they are especially good at back attacks.

All the responses to different situations are handled solely by a single neural network without any if-statements. Note that the zig-zag fleeing manner is procedural and not done by the neural networks.

Note: Scene setup done by Goh Cheng Teng. Neural Networks provided by Andre Tong.

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