Showcases the implementations done for character physics, fluid physics and soft body physics
May 2008
Demo Reel
Game Physics Demo Reel
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Finally got my first demo reel up! Kinda ironic that my first demo reel is on game physics when I’ve been preparing myself for character rigging for the past few years. Well, I’ve been programming simulations here and there for the past couple of years and I have finally created something decent to show.

This demo reel showcases the implementations done for character physics, fluid physics and soft body physics. There is also a section on collision handling between different types of objects. Most of them are implemented using Microsoft XNA 2.0, with some done using OGRE.

My game physics demo reel

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Skills and Experience

Skills and experience in rigging and deformation

  • Understand and able to quickly implement many real-time algorithms for physics simulation, fluids and deformable bodies
  • Published a paper on real-time muscle dynamics that enables real-time muscle jiggles for game characters
  • Developed a physics library for XNA that allows quick creation of cloth, balloon and other soft bodies
  • Tech demos on Pressurized Soft Body and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics are now permanent showcases in Microsoft Innovation Centre Singapore
  • Used physics for soft bodies as the main game concept for a 3D casual game (Cloud Guardian)
  • Skills: Numerical integration, physics dynamics theory and equations, XNA, OGRE, C#, C++, C

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The designer inside me couldn’t resist packaging the demo reel that I was giving out to recruiters and potential employers. These are mini-cds in thin, colored jewel cases. My namecard fits nicely to the left of the cover. Overall a compact and sleek demo reel to pass around.

Packaging design of my demo reel

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Skeel Lee Skeel Lee
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Senior FX TD / R&D
Digital Domain 3.0 (Previously at Sony Pictures Imageworks, MPC, Industrial Light & Magic, Double Negative)
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I am a Senior Technical Director with strong interests in both tech and art. My life evolves round VFX, photography, software engineering, tools programming and generally anything that looks / sounds cool.
I have done a variety of CG programming, including fluid sims, muscles, soft/rigid bodies, raytracing etc. These knowledge complement the visual works that I do as a TD in VFX.
I was interviewed by The Straits Times in May 2014 for my VFX work in X-Men: Days of Future Past.