Interactive HTML5 augmented reality flood simulation for Iowa Flood Center
Sep 2013
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Interactive HTML5 Augmented Reality Flood Simulation
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This is my interactive HTML5 augmented reality (AR) flood simulation project for Iowa Flood Center.

The main aims of this project:

  • Augmented reality for the Web: stream webcam video to a web browser, track encoded marker images and overlay 3D models on top of them
  • Terrain: load greyscale height maps onto a 3D terrain, and allow for further height manipulation via sculpting
  • Flood: water simulation reacts with objects in a 3D environment, accumulates behind terrain/objects for flooding to occur, flows from high to low regions, and allows for user interactions such as adding/removing of water
  • Two-way coupling: water makes dynamic objects float while the dynamic objects cause ripples on the water after displacing it
  • Interactivity for the Web: all the above should run real-time in a web browser using HTML5 technologies

Main Libraries Used

  • WebRTC – JavaScript API for real-time communications in web browsers
  • three.js – JavaScript 3D library
  • skarf.js – Three.js framework for JavaScript augmented reality libraries
  • skulpt.js – Three.js GPU height field terrain sculpting library
  • skunami.js – Three.js GPU height field water libraries
  • Physijs – Three.js rigid body dynamics system

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Interactive HTML5 Augmented Reality Flood Simulation

[ Live Demo ]

  • Tracking of webcam video stream
  • Using GUI markers system to control user settings with AR markers
  • Loading of models when associated markers are detected
  • Usage of main marker to define origin

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Related Examples

Rigid Body Collision With Terrain And Two-Way Coupling With Water (Using Mouse Controls Only)

[Live Demo]

  • Dynamic objects (and terrain) cause ripples on water after displacing it
  • Water makes the dynamic objects float

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Browser Support

Tested only in Google Chrome (recommended) and Mozilla FireFox

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Useful Info

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Source Codes

Please consider tipping me for my open source efforts

The source codes for this project can be found in GitHub:

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Released under The MIT License (MIT)
Copyright (c) 2013 Skeel Lee, Iowa Flood Center

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