My real-time anatomical muscle modeling research paper has been accepted for CGVR'07
May 2007
Paper Accepted For CGVR’07

My real-time anatomical muscle modeling research paper title “Simplified Muscle Dynamics for Appealing Real-Time Skin Deformation” has been accepted for the 2007 International Conference on Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality (CGVR’07)! It will be held in Las Vegas in late June 2007. The paper got into the Regular Research Paper category which is the best type of paper for the conference. This is my first paper to get accepted into some conference and it feels kinda cool.

The comments for the paper were pretty good, such as “This is an excellent paper” and “It should be accepted without any reservation”. Comments like these really give a pat on my back and let me know that my efforts for the past year have not been wasted.

Thanks to my supervisor Dr. Ashraf for his guidance and effort in the project. Without his continuous encouragement to submit the paper to conferences, this project will probably just reside in my harddisk forever. He is also the co-author of the paper.

I will continue my effort to bring better technologies to the world of computer graphics and implement them for users like you and me to use.

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I was interviewed by The Straits Times in May 2014 for my VFX work in X-Men: Days of Future Past.