A website that showcases my CG, VFX, games and technical works.
CG Coke Cans
CG coke cans
Conducted a VFX portfolio review session at CG Protege Animation School for students and recent graduates
CG:Skeelogy Mailing List
(2nd Aug 2014)
Created a mailing list for CG:Skeelogy. Subscribe now to get first-hand info and subscribers-only goodies!
VFX Showreel 2014
(11th Jun 2014)
A compilation of FX / lighting shots on some of the recent feature films that I have worked on
Multi-threaded noise deformer plugin for Maya, available in both C++ and Python
Interviewed by The Straits Times for my VFX work in X-Men: Days of Future Past
Credited as a Digital Artist (Senior FX Technical Director)
Working at MPC in Montreal
(11th Nov 2013)
Working at MPC Montreal as a Senior FX Technical Director
FX Tests Reel 2013
(25th Sep 2013)
Personal FX tests, mostly Houdini tests and some FX programming work
HTML5 Interactive AR: Augmented Reality flood sim
Augmented reality flood simulation that runs on web technologies in modern web browsers
skunami.js: Three.js GPU water sim lib
Open source Three.js GPU height field water libraries that runs interactively in web browsers
Soft Body Tutorial: Program soft bodies in XNA!
Learn how to program soft body physics using XNA
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@TheShyyGuy Glad that my tutorial was of some help :)

@TheShyyGuy 2D rope physics. Thanks to @skeelogy for the great 3D tutorial. (RT by @skeelogy)

@skeelogy Hey, thank you so much for your XNA soft body physics tutorial! I'm converting what I can to 2D, but it's taught me a lot! =) (RT by @skeelogy)


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Skeel Lee Skeel Lee
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Worked on VFX at MPC, Lucasfilm / ILM and Double Negative
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I am a Technical Director with strong interests in both tech and art. My life evolves round VFX, photography, software engineering, tools programming and generally anything that looks / sounds cool.
I have done a variety of CG programming, including fluid sims, muscles, soft/rigid bodies, raytracing etc. These knowledge complement the visual works that I do as a TD in VFX.
I was interviewed by The Straits Times in May 2014 for my VFX work in X-Men: Days of Future Past.