A website that showcases my CG, VFX, games and technical works.
CG Coke Cans
CG coke cans
FX Showreel 2016
(28th Jun 2016)
A compilation of FX shots on some of the recent feature films that I have worked on
Did a guest lecture for the digital special effects module in NUS School of Computing as an alumni and as a VFX industry professional
Credited in Avengers: Age of Ultron as a Digital Artist (FX Technical Director)
Joined Sony Pictures Imageworks as a Senior FX Technical Director in their Vancouver headquarters
Credits in Strange Magic
(23rd Jan 2015)
Credited as an FX Artist
Back to ILM Singapore
(27th Oct 2014)
Back to Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) Singapore again for another round of exciting VFX work
Conducted a VFX portfolio review session at CG Protege Animation School for students and recent graduates
CG:Skeelogy Mailing List
(2nd Aug 2014)
Created a mailing list for CG:Skeelogy. Subscribe now to get first-hand info and subscribers-only goodies!
HTML5 Interactive AR: Augmented Reality flood sim
Augmented reality flood simulation that runs on web technologies in modern web browsers
skunami.js: Three.js GPU water sim lib
Open source Three.js GPU height field water libraries that runs interactively in web browsers
Soft Body Tutorial: Program soft bodies in XNA!
Learn how to program soft body physics using XNA
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There are twelve black dots at the intersections in this image. Your brain won’t let you see them all at once. (RT by @skeelogy)

@_alex_buzin Hi Alex, yes I'd be glad to help. Just direct messaged you.

@blufiro woah, that's an amazing piece, both visually and conceptually

@Himanshu810e Great that you found it useful :) I'd be interested to see what you are working on using it!


Skeel Lee Skeel Lee
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Senior FX TD / R&D
Digital Domain 3.0 (Previously at Sony Pictures Imageworks, MPC, Industrial Light & Magic, Double Negative)
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I am a Senior Technical Director with strong interests in both tech and art. My life evolves round VFX, photography, software engineering, tools programming and generally anything that looks / sounds cool.
I have done a variety of CG programming, including fluid sims, muscles, soft/rigid bodies, raytracing etc. These knowledge complement the visual works that I do as a TD in VFX.
I was interviewed by The Straits Times in May 2014 for my VFX work in X-Men: Days of Future Past.